Clinique Jeanie Rahal

Clinique Jeanie Rahal is a specialized clinic offering massage therapy, podiatry, osteopathy and Endermologie in Laval. With its 30 years of experience, its mission is to improve the well-being of its customers by offering personalized, soothing and effective services, in a welcoming and safe environment.

The Context

Clinique Jeanie Rahal operates in the highly competitive field of massage therapy and health care. With the goals of further distinguishing itself in the industry and offering greater accessibility to customers, the clinic wanted to improve its online presence and revamp its image, mainly by improving their website.

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Our Mandate 

We created a brand new website for Clinique Jeanie Rahal, updating and enhancing its image with new videos showcasing new services and a new visual signature. An appointment booking system and a gift card purchase system were also added to the website, making contact between the customer and the clinic quicker and easier.