Groupe 3737

Groupe3737 is a national not-for-profit organization that provides support and a platform to business owners of ethnocultural backgrounds across Canada. They have been working vigorously to provide tools and mentorship to entrepreneurs from backgrounds of immigration and ethnocultural diversity while making a positive change to the ecosystem of businesses within diversified communities.

The Context

Groupe3737 aims to set itself apart from other not-for-profit organizations. Looking to appeal to entrepreneurs interested in their services, ensuring flawless website navigation is one main focal point in what they were seeking. They realized that their former website was not performing in the way they hoped. As entrepreneurship is diverse and ranging in age, having a modern website with sleekness and boldness would be important.

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Our Mandate 

Our main focus on reinventing their image will provide the organization with results by also increasing their visibility. With user experience also in mind, creating a website that provides seamless access to information and simplified user navigation was the ultimate goal. We provided Groupe3737 with technology optimization and operational efficiency of the website, while integrating a modern upgrade to their online identity.